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Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday and Father's Day!

Wow, Sunday was a fun-filled day of celebrating!! It was my 29th Birthday and Bobby's first Father's Day!

The Birthday celebration started out on Saturday with a fun trip to Stonebriar mall in Frisco with Bobby and Brenley. Then later that night we dropped Brenley off at my Nanny's and enjoyed a fun dinner with friends at Pappasitos - delish!

Sunday, Brenley decided to get this Birthday Girl up at 7:15am, thanks baby girl, but it was good because it gave us time to get ready and do some gifts before church. We also got to the nursery early so Bobby could do "Donuts with Dad" with Brenley. Bobby had a donut, Brenley some banana. :) Bobby can never wait to give me my present on my actual birthday so I got it the day before, but he did atleast save his sweet card til Sunday morning. He recieved all of his Father's day gifts Sunday morning and he loved them!

We headed to church, where Bobby embarrassed me by announcing to our class that it was my birthday and they all broke out into song! Gotta love him! I did love that he got to stand up this year in our service and be recognized for being a Daddy. I was so proud!

After church, we met Bobby's family for lunch for more celebrating! After a huge meal, all I wanted was a long nap and Brenley gave me the best present ever -- she slept over 2 hours, so that meant I slept for almost 2 hours!! THANK YOU! After our naps we headed over to the Soto's for some swimming! We had a blast! Oh and Sherry made me Chocolate cupcakes with no icing - my fav!! AND my little brother called me from Greece, where he is doing Mission work all summer. Sadly, I missed his call, but was so surprised and honored to get his voicemail!

We wrapped up the night with baths and relaxation! I must say this was a very fun birthday and I think Bobby enjoyed his first Father's day as well!!

Polo's Escape

So last Friday I had a huge scare!! Polo got out from the backyard and it took me 10 VERY long minutes to find her. I had just gotten home from a friend's house and Polo needed to go outside (in the back). As soon as I opened the door she went flying out and ran straight over to this small hole at the bottom of our fence. I am assuming she saw something go through it...but I really don't want to think about what it was. Anyways, I yelled at her to stop and go potty. So she did and seemed like she just wanted to wander around. So I closed the door, put Brenley down for a nap, did a couple of things around the house and decided she needed to come back in. I yelled out the door, but she didn't come -- pretty normal, so I put some food in her bowl...I think she would be able to hear this from Canada and always comes running, but NOTHING! I thought this was strange so I went outside and started looking for her...NOTHING! I went back in, thinking maybe I had let her in not realizing it...but NOTHING! I went BACK outside to check again...and then started to panic!! I called Bobby and immediatly started crying saying "Polo is gone!". He told me he was on his way and we hung up. I decided to go back outside to search but this time around the corner behind our house. AND WHO DO YOU THINK I FOUND!?!? -- a little brown weenie dog sniffing around in our neighbor's yard!!! I called for her and started to walk toward her and she took off running (GRRR!), but luckily some people were getting out of their car and Polo can't resist people so she ran straight to them. The lady could tell I was trying to get her so she picked her up and held her until I could get there. Let's just say after she was in my possession, she got about 6 spankings! As soon as we got in the house, she ran straight for her bowl to eat the food that I had put in there earlier (darn it, she probably thought she was good or something) and then went and hid under my bed for 30 minutes! Oh and I called Bobby to tell him she was found! Whew, it really had me scared! Our only guess is that she got out through that hole she was sniffing at earlier. I think she broke some of the wood and made it bigger, but it was still really small, so she must have really sucked in!! The neighbor behind us only has a fence on 2 sides of his backyard, so once she got in his yard it was FREEDOM!

Sooo, later that night, Polo got a new necklace! And Daddy will be patching the hole soon!

Here she is hiding under our bed!! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

6 Months

Well I cannot even believe I am writing a post about my little baby being 6 months old -- A half of a year!! She has changed and grown so much in these 6 short months, it is crazy! Six months ago today we were blessed with a gift. If you would have asked me then if I would love her this much, I don't think I would have thought I could. What a fun and challenging ride it has been!

Here are a few milestones and accomplishments that Brenley has done at 6 months...

  • She is eating BABY FOOD! She has had bananas, peas, sweet potatos, green beans, pears and apples. She loved the sweet potatos and pears and hated the green beans! :)
  • She has TWO TEETH BUDS! We felt them a couple of weeks ago and they are slowly growing in together!
  • She is wanting to CRAWL! She gets into position and just rocks back and forth. I think we will have a mobile baby sooner than later!
  • She can STAND WITH ASSISTANCE. We stood her in front of the couch and let go and she stayed up there!
  • She SITS IN HER HIGHCHAIR! The one at home and in restaruants. She loves that she can see what is going on now.
  • She SITS IN THE STORE BUGGY! She really likes riding this way so she can see what is going on and smile at people. :)
  • She is down to 4 nursings a day. We were doing 5, but just recently we started substituting the 5:30 feeding for baby food. (If you would have told me this back in December I would have laughed -- of course we were doing 9 feedings then!)
  • She sleeps 10-11 hours a night and takes 2 good naps during the day. She has started napping 1-2 hours at a time. Such an approvement from the 30 min cat naps. THANK YOU!

She is such a good baby and I really could not ask for anything more. Her hair is getting so long and ponytails will be a must for the summer! I love that I am home with my sweet girl and I think she likes it too! ;)

Here is our 6 month picture -- and a few others for your enjoyment!

She look like such a big girl!

So serious

Oh I had to put this one in there!

Um, Bren, let's not play with Polo's bone please!

Rocking some shoes!

Happy 6 months baby girl!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Swim!

Today Brenley and I headed over to Melissa's mom's house to swim. We were a little disappointed because it rained half of the day, but it let up just long enough for us to get out there for about an hour. It was not sunny though, but still nice enough to swim. This was Brenley's first time to swim in a big pool and she loved it. Of course she was a little nervous at first, but she definitely warmed up to it and was all smiles. AND, of course she was just sooo cute in her little swimsuit.

Ready for the pool!

Let's jump Mom!


Fun float!

Whew that was so fun!

We look forward to many more fun swimming days! Thanks Mel!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video Catch Up

I have been meaning to post some videos of Brenley and keep this post is dedicated to Nana-D (my mom) who has requested to see her grand-daughter in action!

While I am doing this I might as well start from the beginning. Don't worry, I am not uploading all the videos I have, but here are a few from over the past 6 months. I don't want to bore anyone out there, but I just wanted to get these on here. Watch if you want. I know Nana-D will! :)

I love this video - this is us bringing Brenley home from the hospital. Polo's reaction is priceless. Brenley looks so tiny!

This one she is a little over a month old.

Another old one -- Daddy getting her to smile. This is when smiling was a "new" thing for us!

She is about 4 months in this one - really getting her to giggle here!

Skipping to more recent - we got this toy monkey for her the other day and she loves it!

Here she is eating her dinner - veggie and fruit. Such a good eater!

And finally, this is her trying to crawl!

WOW - she has changed so much over the last few months! I hope to get better at posting videos -- they sure are more fun than still pictures! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Faster than I can blog...

This little girl is growing up faster than I can blog about it!! Everyday she does something new or looks a little older. I really cannot handle it and wish she would slow down just a bit. It is fun though to see how much changes in just a week or two. One thing I love to do is write down all the new things she does or tries in this calendar my sis-in-law gave me. (Thanks Kara!) She did this for her boys and I just had to do it for Brenley. I write things down like when she first slept more than 3 hours at a time (ha!), to when she first sat up and everything in between. It is so fun to go back to December and January and see how far we have come. (Especially in the sleep dept!)

As I write, she is jumping in her jumper (talking to herself) and it amazes me that she is the same baby that used to just lay there. :) Six months is right around the corner and I cannot believe it. She is so fun right now and I know it will just get better!

Here are a few pictures from her recent adventures and some firsts...

Brenley's first Ponytail!

First time in the highchair at home!

Playing with my new snail toy - courtesy of Nana-D and G-Daddy

She is trying so hard to crawl - it will be any day I think!

Two teeth coming in!

First time in the highchair - at chickfila!

I Love my Daddy!

We had a play date with 3 of my college friends - (Cara, Janae and Rachel) and their daughters

We all had girls with in about 8-9 weeks of eachother!!
Berkley was born at the end of November and Bren, Jae and Presley were all born in December!

First time in the store buggy - she loved it!

She is so interested in Polo right now and Polo loves the attention and loves licking her...YUCK!

Well I am off to play with my girl who is now fussing in the jumper! :)