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Friday, February 26, 2010

What's been goin on...

Things are going great in the Soto house. I finally feel like I am getting the hang of this "mommy" thing (although it is still an ongoing learning process) and am even starting to get a routine in place. Brenley is sleeping SO GREAT (8-10 hours a night), so it definitely makes me feel alive everyday! Just this past week I have tried to get her on a napping schedule. She can be the ultimate "cat napper" and I think I figured out why. I was letting her just fall asleep whenever in her bouncy seat and she would just wake up after only 20-30 minutes. I think she was doing this because she would hear things in the house or startle herself with her arm movements, so I decided to start swaddling her and putting her in her crib for her naps -- and WHALA! - she now sleeps for 1-2 1/2 hrs in her crib twice a day! (9am and 3pm) I am glad because I know she needs the rest and I need the quiet and productive time! :)

She is also eating really well and if you have seen her lately then you can tell - she never misses a meal. She could pack a gallon of milk in those cheeks! :) Her smile makes me fall more in love with her everyday and Nanna-D even got her to do her first giggle last weekend. (she has yet to do it again -- I guess I do not have the touch) :(

We also made another trip to Beaumont last week (this time with Daddy and Polo) and had a great time just hanging with my family. It went by way to fast though!

OHHH - and I officially resigned from my job last week! It was a very bittersweet time writing that letter because I love the people I have worked with for the last 6 years, but I am so excited to get to stay home with Brenley!! We have been enjoying our days at home and running around town. She is such a good girl and I am truly thankful that I can stay at home with her.
Bobby and Polo are doing well also. I think Polo is still a little confused as to why this little human is still in "her" house, but she will learn eventually! :)

I think that is it for now...I will leave you with a few sweet pictures! Happy Weekend everyone!

The Soto Family of 4

My little Valentine!

Daddy reading to his girl...he is so great at this!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It is Dallas...can you believe it!?! And it is gorgeous! Bobby came home a little early today because we had Brenley's Dr appt, so we decided to act like kids again and play in it a bit. So while Brenley napped, out we went with our other daughter (Polo) to play!!

With my little snow bunny!

She was not having very much fun...sorry girl! (yes those are target bags wrapped around my shoes...ha!)

Daddy and Polo with Mr. Snowman

The snow was almost as high as her!

So Pretty!
Here is a little video of Polo playing...

2 Months

Brenley is 2 Months old today -- wow how time is flying! Everyday with her gets better and better and she is such a joy to be around. I must admit those first few weeks with her was rough...mainly on my part, but I am so glad to finally say that things are so fun now and I would not trade her for anything!

And who would have thought that it would be SNOWING on her 2 month birthday!? I mean REALLY snowing!! We have recieved about 6 inches of snow and it is still coming down! It is absolutely beautiful outside! Polo has loved getting to go out there and jump around in it. I took Brenley out there to take some pics and as you can see below, she was not liking it to much. Oh well, maybe next year!

"Mom, get me back inside, quick!"

With the 2 month birthday, comes the 2 month Dr. appt and the 2 month SHOTS! :( She survived them, but it broke this momma's heart! She checked out great and is in the 90th percentile for weight and height -- ha we have a big girl! She is 12lbs 12 oz and 23 in long!!

Battle wounds

Here are a few things Brenley is doing at 2 months...

  • Sleeping 7-10 hours...yep, that is right. She actually slept 10 hours last night an she only woke up because I WOKE HER UP! I know, why would I wake her, well it is called breastfeeding and momma needed to do it. :) She is still in our room, but that is changing this weekend! I ususally feed her between 10-11pm and put her down and she wakes up between 6-8am...I am so proud...and rested!! :)
  • Smiling like crazy! Mainly in the morning when she wakes up...could she be a morning person like her daddy?? She also smiles when Daddy gets home and at night just hanging out. I love when she smiles with her squinty eyes. :)
  • Cooing and "talking"...we have some fun conversations!
  • Eating 6-7 times in a 24 hour period -- about 4 oz at a time.
  • Napping about 3-4 times a day. Some are long and others are cat naps.

Some days we love just staying at home and relaxing and other days we love getting out and seeing friends...oh and of course, she LOVES Target. :)

She is growing and changing everyday and I love spending my days with her.

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Brenley Bear!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun Adventures and New Friends

Over the last month Brenley and I have been visiting lots of places and people. She had her first road trip to Beaumont to visit her Nana-D and G-Daddy and has met many new friends around town.

In mid-January, we took the five hour journey to Beaumont, just the two of us! Nana-D, G-Daddy and Uncle Kendal were anxious to see little bit and we had a great time just being spoiled! Let's just say I got a full night sleep and hardly changed one diaper while I was there! Here are just a few things we did while we were there...
  • went to G-Daddy's work
  • went to Nana-D's work
  • went to Uncle Kendal's work
  • went shopping at the mall
  • met and had lunch with Nana Ds friends and met Moses (born just a week before Brenley)
  • went to Houston to see Shara and her little man, Jude
  • RELAXED and enjoyed our time with family

Chillin on the couch

Shara with Brenley and Me with Jude

Bath at Nana-D and G-Daddys

Stephanie and Moses, me and Brenley (6 weeks and 5 weeks)

Nana-D and Brenley (sorry G-Daddy, we didnt get a picture with you!) :(

We had a great time and can't wait to go back in just a few weeks!

Then the next week, we got together with my friends Janae and Cara and their little girls. Cara's daughter, Berkley, is 3 weeks older than Brenley and Janae's daughter, Jae, is 2 weeks younger than Brenley. So they were all born within 5 weeks of eachother. We all became close during our pregnancies and now have fun sharing stories of motherhood. We all got together at Janae's and had a great time talking, asking questions and of course trying to take pictures of our 3 girls -- not an easy task, as you can see below! It was fun!

Berkley, Brenley and Jae

"Mom, HELP!"

She LOVED this toy!

Our next visit was with my best friend since High school, Tandra, and her daughter, Rachel (16 months). They came and stayed with us one night and we had a great time catching up and she loved getting to meet Brenley! We also introduced them to Babe's Chicken -- YUM! It was so fun to watch Rachel walking around here and talking. Gave us a great look into the future of what Brenley will be like -- it will be so fun!
Tandra holding Rachel and Brenley

Tandra and her girl

Rachel loved Brenley

I can't believe we are Moms! :)

Then this past Monday we went over to my Nanny's and my brother, Kara and four nephews came over too! Those four boys just love their cousin and love to hold and kiss on her -- so sweet! Kara and Chris couldn't wait to get her hands on Brenley either! And of course Nanny loves her Great-Grandaughter and could just look at her all day!

Cohen wanted her out of her seat ASAP!

Aunt Kara

Nanny - the ultimate entertainer

Uncle Chris and Cohen

Cohen LOVES his cousin!

Cousin Callen

She had her first bath in the famous "Nanny sink". We have all bathed in this sink!!

So fresh and clean!

It was has been a fun month and we look forward to many more adventures and visits with fun friends and family!!