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Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of Dance!

Well the first day of dance class is DONE! I have to say that I was really nervous about Brenley taking dance -- just because she has kind of become shy lately and if she is overwhelmed or unfamiliar with something she does not participate. So I thought we would be lucky if she even went in, let alone danced! I was happily proved wrong! I mean, she did cry for a bit when she first walked in, but after about 15 min she was feeling more comfortable and participating!!! YAY! My Nanny later told me it was because she was praying for her the whole hour -- how sweet is that!

All ready to go!

 She is taking class with her friend Tatum! Such cuties!!!

Excited to go up the stairs!

I was so proud of my girl!

She was getting excited and giddy!

Walking into class like a big girl -- a few tears followed after she realized I wasnt coming with her, but they didnt last too long. ;)

All the girls are just observing -- checking it all out! :)

Time to change into their ballet shoes


So proud to come and tell mom all about it!

Back down the stairs with Nana-D!

 Yep, I made her take a pic in the sun -- mean mom! :)

A little "prize" for being such a big girl at dance!

I seriously can't express how proud I am of her! She said she had fun and that is all that matters!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

And the Dancing begins...

The time has come that I have been ready for since the day I found out I was having a GIRL! Brenley will start her first dance class this Monday! The dance studio starts classes at 2 1/2 years old, so we signed her up! I started dance when I was 3 and took for 7 years and I loved it, so I was sooooo excited for her to start.

Yesterday my mom, my Nanny and I took her to go and get her dance shoes, leotard, tights and bag. I thought it would be fun and exciting but she was not a happy camper! I partially want to blame this on a rough night and lack of good sleep -- so we will just go with that! :)

She did have a few moments of happiness!

But, after a nap and once Daddy got home, her whole attitude about the leotard and shoes changed and dancing was finally cool! She is such a Daddy's girl!

And could he be a better Daddy dancing with her?! He did whatever she wanted him to do. This is total sweetness!

She even asked to put on her shoes today -- that's a good sign. :) Hopefully Monday will go smoothly! :) Thankfully she is taking with two of her BFFs, Tatum and Jae Beth...YAY!! Stay tuned...