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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9 Months

I can't believe it...Brenley is now 9 Months old...that is how long I was pregnant and let me just say that having her here for 9 months has gone by A LOT FASTER than my pregnancy! :) She is doing so many great and fun things these days! In the last month, this girl has had so many "firsts". It seemed like everytime I turned around she was doing something new!!! Here are a few updates on my 9 month old...

  • She is WAVING! It is the cutest thing ever. It started out with one hand and now she does it with both hands at the same time.
  • She said "DA-DA"...Bobby loves this! She doesn't always say it TO him, but it is sweet anyway!
  • And as of tonight...she said "MOMMA"!!!!!! I am so happy...she doesn't say it to me either, but it is good enough!
  • Both of her TOP TEETH started coming in. AND I just looked in her mouth tonight and THIRD top tooth is coming in. She will have 5 teeth soon!!!
  • She is CLAPPING! I worked so hard with her on this one and a few weeks ago she got really excited and started clapping and then I think I scared her because I got so excited that she did it.
  • She likes to DANCE/BOUNCE to music...cutest thing ever.
  • She is CRUISING around the furniture and walking behind her walker toy!
  • She started sporting a new hair style...half ponytail on the side! Gotta keep that hair out of her face.
  • Started going to "school" -- I started working part-time for a preschool at Hillcrest Baptist Church, 2 days a week, and she goes to the infant class. She LOVES it and her teachers love her! It makes me happy to know she is enjoying it!
  • Nanny and Nanna-D painted her toenails for the first time - without my consent or knowledge...haha, but it was cute!
  • We had to BABY PROOF all of the cabinets because little miss is crawling everywhere!
  • I recently started giving her a bottle for her 11am feeding, so I am down to 3 nursings a day (4 feedings for her). She eats cereal in the morning, some food for lunch, and a dinner (meat and veggie)
  • Her new favorite food is tortilla pieces and refried beans...she is going to be a Mexican food lover like her Momma!! We just started cheese too and she loves it. She is started to feed herself too!
  • She is not sleeping as well as she used to...with all the teeth coming in, she has had her nights of waking up a few times. She also seems to get up earlier these days...yuck! She sleeps a good 9-10 hours though!

Whew...this girl is doing a lot these days and sometimes I just need her to slow down! She just blows me away. I love our days together and I love picking her up when we have school...her smile melts my heart! A lot of people are saying she looks like Bobby these days and that is just fine with me cause he is not too bad lookin! ;)

I am one proud MOMMA!!!!