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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weenies, On your mark!

This past weekend, we participated in the 8th Annual Weiner Dog Races at Oktoberfest in Southlake. After having such a good time last year, we just HAD to go again, plus we were hoping Polo would pull out a win this year! We got to the races around 10:15 to check in and waited as all the weiner dogs started to arrive. We were also able to practice in the lanes and get Polo warmed up. (which was needed because it was chilly out there!!) Nanny and Serena also joined us and were able to get a good seat to watch the races. It is a lot of fun to watch all the dogs show up. We saw red ones, black ones, fat ones, skinny ones and believe it or not a HOT PINK one! Yes, one poor dog was spray painted pink for the races. No wonder she didn’t want to run. :)

The races got started around 11am. They give you all a number and you race in groups of six. It was finally our turn and we were ready to go! I was at one end of the lane with Polo and Bobby was at the other end ready to catch her. Before the race began he would show Polo a cookie and her bone and then walk to the other end. Once this happened, Polo was REALLY ready to go. In fact, she got so wiggly, she slipped from my hands and had a false start. Oops! Then it was “1, 2, 3, GO” and off Polo went – and SHE WON! So this meant she would move onto the Semi-finals. After a few more races, the semi-finals started. Again, Polo was raring to go and ran really fast. She was neck and neck with another dog and the finish was a hard determination. A couple of the judges had to talk it out and they determined that the other dog won and Polo was second. BOOO! She literally lost by a whisker! Ha.

We were still proud of our Polo-girl! In fact, our neighbor stopped by the next day with a copy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and to our surprise, there was a picture of our Polo running hard in the race! (We remembered a guy that said he took a pic of her and he got our names, but we didn’t know he was with the Ft Worth paper!) She was also on the website along with some other pics from the event. Check them out.,,

The hot pink dog!

The lanes

Supporters - Nanny and Serena

It was a lot of fun and we look forward to going again next year…with Brenley in tow of course!!

Maternity Pics

I mentioned earlier that the weekend of our Anniversary we also had our maternity pics done by our friend Rachel. We met up on Saturday in Irving and drove to a couple of “random” places to take the pics. I am SO happy with how they turned out. Here are a few of my favorites.

Oh and we experienced some excitement when Polo decided to take a “dive” into a fountain! She has never been fully submerged in water and I don’t know what got into her to just jump into the fountain before we could all blink. Bobby quickly pulled her out and we had a cute, wet dog on our hands. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

5 Years...

*UPADATE* Rachel uploaded a few of our pics to her blog, so click on the link below for alittle sneak peek!
This past Friday, Bobby and I celebrated our 5 year Anniversary! I can't believe it has been 5 years since we said our "I Dos", but it excites me to know how far along we have come in the last few years. Sometimes I miss those days when we were first married and living in our 3rd floor apartment, but other times, I am so happy where we are now and where we are going. I never thought we would have waited 5 years to have a baby, but I know we will be so grateful we have had this "alone" time together.

This weekend we celebrated by having dinner at Javier's in Dallas on Friday night. On Saturday we had our Maternity/5 year/family pics done by our friend Rachel. We had a great time taking the pictures and I will post some one once I get them. Later that afternoon, Bobby and I went to the Dallas World Aquarium. We then had Chipotle for dinner and checked into a hotel near Northpark mall. We figured we would just get away for the night and enjoy a little R&R. Lets just say I was an awesome wife and hung out in the hotel with Bobby while he watched a college football game for three hours. :) One good thing was we left during halftime and got some Pumpkin Cheesecake to go from the Cheesecake Factory. YUM! (Side note--Pumpkin Cheesecake is just a little taste of heaven. If you have not tried it then you should and hurry because it is only available Oct-Nov). We slept in today and enjoyed breakfast in our room!

Here is where it all began...awww

5 years later--Dinner at Javiers

At the aquarium

Chocolate covered strawberries and Sparkling Cider in our hotel

A toast to many more years!

The glorious Pumpkin Cheesecake - delish!

It was a great weekend with my man and I look forward to many more - of course in the future we will need to find a babysitter. :)

10 Weeks to go!

It is hard to believe that I only have 10 weeks to go before we have our baby girl! I really did not think that these months would go by as fast as they have. My pregnancy is going well, but I must admit things are getting a bit uncomfortable. Things like walking long distances, climbing stairs and sleeping are becoming a bit more challenging. :) Not to mention this belly of mine keeps bumping into things. HA! At our last Dr. visit we had a sonogram and everything looked great, so we are very grateful for that. We are both getting very excited and the nursery is coming a long nicely. Pics will come once we get a few more things done. Here is my most recent progression picture. Wow - I definitely grew in the last four weeks. :)