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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Whirlwind

Well it seems there is so much anticipation and build up to Christmas, and then it is over before you know it. This year was fun, but almost seemed like it was in fast motion. Christmas Eve was spent doing last minute shopping and preparation for family. Since this was our first year in our new home, we decided to share it with others, so Wednesday night we had Bobby’s parents over for dinner and gifts. I made Lasagna (which was a first for me, but it turned out very good) and we had Birthday cake and ice cream for his brother Davy. Bobby’s has twin brothers who turned 30 on Dec 17th and we were sad Joey couldn’t make it for the festivities. We opened gifts and played a very competitive game of Taboo – Girls vs. Boys. I do have to say that the boys only won because the girls kept messing up, therefore giving them points!

Thursday (Christmas day) we headed over to my Nanny’s house around 11:00 to open gifts and eat with my parents, brother, brother and sis-in-law and 4 nephews! Let’s just say it was an all-day event of opening gifts, taking a break to eat, more gifts, another break for dessert and more gifts. Later that night we played Holiday charades and it was overall a fun day!

Then Saturday, we opened up our home again to Bobby’s extended family of Aunts, Uncles and cousins. It consisted of 25 people, 3 dogs, 2 hams, all the fixings, lots of sweet tea, presents, white elephant gifts, lots of stealing (white elephant gifts) and a mad game of Catch phrase! And let me just say, no one held back from stealing the hostess’ white elephant gifts. I could not keep anything good in my little hands – although I did end up with a pretty cute wallet, but Bobby ended up with a box of “Endless Cookies” – enough said.

All in all it was a great time with family and we look forward to it again next year. It will be here before we know it! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and an even better year in 2009!

Merry Belated Christmas from the Sotos!

Here is where we spent most of our Christmas time

The in-laws opening gifts

Sis-in-law, Serena, opening gifts

Polo on Christmas morning! She loved her new toy so much she already ate a hole in it and pulled out half the stuffing.

I would have to say one of my favorite things on Christmas is seeing how excited my Nanny gets when she hears she has another gift to open. "What? Me? Another present? Wow!" Here she is trying on her new slippers...she is so cute!

My brother took her to a Cowboys game a few weeks ago (a dream come true for her) and my mom made a collage of pictures for her. She LOVED it!

Corbin with his new umbrella! And you can see Callen down there playing his Leapster game.

Our little Santa, Cohen!

Cohen, Callen, Corbin and Cade

Matching PJs!! Thanks Mom!

All the family for a competitive game of White Elephant!

Waiting to see if we want to steal it!
Thanks friends and family for such a fun Christmas. We look forward to next year!


I know I have not given very many updates on my friend Robyn, but it seems that when I would get bad news, it would almost always follow up with good news. Then the good news (of her progressing well), went bad very quickly. Robyn went to be with the Lord on Saturday morning (December 20th) after a 4 month battle with cancer.

Just a quick recap of her progression and continuation of the email below...Robyn was taken off the ventilator, and given a trach. This allowed her to be more awake and she was able to breathe more on her own. Although she was still unable to talk (because of the swelling in her esophagus) she was more alert and wrote notes to friends and family. The swelling in her body went down and she looked like her old self again. They also gave her a 3rd round of chemo and discovered that it was actually doing its job. This was such a praise and encouragement to the family. Then they hit a wall and discovered an infection in her lungs. The doctors decided to do surgery on her right lung to remove as much of the infection as they could. The surgery was very successful and gave them hope in operating on the left side. After a couple days, they went in to the left lung and noticed it was more infected than they thought and because of some heavy bleeding, decided to end the surgery pre-maturely. After she came out of recovery, they soon discovered, by her vital signs, that she suffered a stroke during the surgery. After much prayer, the family decided that the Lord brought her into the world and he needed to take her out of the world when He was ready. So they decided not to do any type of life support for her. They left her on her ventilator, but decided not to increase the effectiveness of it. When they discovered on Saturday that her brain was inactive, they took her off the ventilator and allowed the Lord to bring her home, in his timing.

The graveside funeral was held on Friday and a memorial service was held on Saturday. I was not able to go on Saturday, but I did attend the small graveside gathering which was very touching. My brother Chris, and his wife, Kara sang and did a beautiful job. I am asking for you to please be in prayer for the Hassell family. They need your prayers as I am sure reality is beginning to set in. If you will, please lift up her parents, Becky and Danny and her siblings, Daniel, Jonathan and Christie.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Look who graduated...

POLO! I must congratulate my dog, Polo, for graduating from Beginner Dog School. Yes, we enrolled our 8 month old puppy in dog school. (I know you are laughing, but that's ok!)

For the past 8 weeks, Polo has been attending her Beginner Dog Training class and has learned several things. Last week she had her graduation and had to perform the many things she has learned.

Some of the things she learned was...sit, down, stand, stay, heel, walk/stop, come, and watch.

Going through the course

Nana-Dee and Nanny were proud supporters

Doing her trick! She spun around in circles!
She may have graduated from Dog School, but she is definitely still a PUPPY...

Just a few recent pics...

My sis-in-law, Kara

My Polo girl
My nephew, Cade (wearing Uncle Glenn's boots)

Polo (in one of her favorite spots)

My nephews, Corbin and Cohen
(I couldn't seem to get a pic of Callen)

My sister-in-law, Serena

My brother, Kendal and my mom

Like momma, like daughter

Me and the hubby!
Most of these pics were taken over the Thanksgiving weekend. We had a great time with both of our families.