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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The pup, the nephews and the weekend!

We like to get Polo good and tired!

Corbin loves Polo!

Cade, Cohen and Corbin

Big Brother Corbin reading to Cohen - what is funny is Corbin can't read and Cohen can't understand :)

Showing some love...we will break this pic back out when they are 13 and fighting with each other.

Boys will be boys!

Over the Memorial day weekend I went home to Beaumont. My parent's neighbor (where I grew up) got married on Sunday. It was a fun "boot scootin" wedding. Here is the bride and groom getting their 2-step on! They were very good!

Me and my mom

Dad and daughter

Well that about wraps it up!

Dr. Soto?

So starting in July, our lives are going to change. Bobby is going back to school--this time for his Phd...yeah that is right Phd! Crazy huh? He applied for the program at DBU back in February or March and found out in April that he was accepted! He will start in late July, do course work for 3 years and then will have to write his disertation. So like I said, starting in July, our lives are going to change. He will be a bookworm and well, I will be the supportive wife saying goodnight to my husband as he stays up til wee-hours of the night reading and writing papers. I know this is something he really wants so I am ok with it and will be the first one standing "silently" as he walks across that stage. (for those who have been to a DBU graduation, you know what I am talking about) ;)

So, to congratulate Bobby on his acceptance to the program and kind of as a last "hoorah" before he starts this journey, I surprised him with a trip to Boston! We will be going at the end of June. This is somewhere he has wanted to go for the longest time, so we are both really excited. Here are some shots of when he read the news...(I gave him a card and put the trip confirmation info in there)

Congrats babe! I can't wait til you are Dr. Hubby!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun times with fun friends!

Last night we had some of our good friends from college over to our house for a cookout. A lot of them had not seen the house since we moved in, so we thought it would be fun to have everyone over for some good food and good conversation. And as I expected, it ended up with the guys sitting outside and the girls in the living room! We had a great time, just catching up on everyone's busy lives.

Sorry, I didn't get very many of the guys. I didn't even get one of the cook - sorry babe! Thanks to everyone for coming -- we had a great time!

Green Thumb

One of the many projects that comes with having a house is the of course the yard work. Most people dread it, but to my husband it is "fun" and stress-relieving. After living in an apartment for almost 4 years, Bobby was so ready to rake and mow! So since we have moved in, he has been mowing, raking, trimming, cutting, pulling and blowing, I think every weekend and some week days! Trust me, I am not complaining...I think it is great and I love a nice yard. It is funny, because my dad loves yard work too, so I always grew up with a very landscaped yard -- so I guess God thought he better put that in the "husband credentials". :)

Well this weekend, Polo thought she would "help" her dad out with the yard work. (I think she was more in the way, then anything else.)

I promise, I will post pics of the yard and the house soon!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nephew #4!

I am happy to announce that my fourth nephew, Cohen Clayton entered the world on May 2nd, 2008! My brother, Chris and his wife, Kara, once again became proud parents to BOY #4, yes, you read that right, BOY #4!! He is blessed to have 3 big brothers, Corbin (age 4 1/2), Callen (age 3), Cade (age 1 1/2). Yeah you also read that right, 4 boys in 4 1/2 years. Kara = Supermom! It has been so fun to watch these boys grow and learn new things. They are truly a joy to be around and so fun to play with! I guess I can say that because I am the aunt and I get to send them back to their parents at the end of the day. :)

Here are the boys before "baby Cohen" arrived.
(Callen, Corbin, Cade)

Proud Aunt Kim - I am a pro at this "Aunt thing"

These next photos were taken by Kara's brother (Khris Roberts) - he is amazing!

Makes you tired just looking at all of them, huh?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Watch out David Beckham!

Well if you know my husband, then you know that soccer is a HUGE hobby of his. He played growing up, in college and still plays on indoor and outdoor leagues. He loves it! He has even talked me into playing on a couple of co-ed teams...which turned out to be really fun! So since we don't have any kids yet to play, Bobby has resorted to the puppy! Today was a beautiful day, so we decided to take Polo to the park and give her a taste of soccer, first hand. Even though the ball was bigger than she was, she managed to keep up!

Here are a few highlights...

Mom was there to give me a break...

and water!

I can do it myself!

Needlesss to say...we wore her out! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Entering the Blogging World

Alright, so I have tons of friends who have had blogs for months, even years, and I never really thought my life was, well, "blog worthy". But it seems that so much has happened in our lives in the last month or so, that I feel it is probably time to start one. My husband, Bobby, and I just recently bought a house in Cedar Hill, TX. We have lived in it for just over 1 month and we LOVE it! After living in an apartment for almost 4 years, how could you not love a house that is double the size!?! Another reason we love our house is because our neighborhood is great. Lots of old people who are so sweet and lots of kids. There are always people working in the yard, playing with their kids or walking their dogs. So cute! I will post pictures later.

This of course brings me to our other big news -- we got a puppy! Her name is Polo Michelle Soto and she is a minature Dachshund. For those that don't know, dachshunds are the little weenie dogs! She is now 11 weeks and a complete handful...but we wouldn't trade her for anything! Potty training is a challenge and now she is learning to talk (or should I say "bark") back when we tell her "no!"! Hiding under the furniture is now her favorite thing to do when she knows she is in trouble.

Here she is...

Life has changed so much in the last 45 days, but we love it and know it will get even better as we get more settled. We are still in the process of doing projects around the house, such as painting, but I know I will be so happy when it is just how we want it.

Here is a recent pic of me and the Hubby!

There are lots of other things I can think of that I want to blog about, but I need to save ideas for other posts! I think I am going to enjoy this blogging thing!