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Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Haircut

Brenley got her first haircut today -- well it was just a trim, but it is something to document! She literally only got less than half an inch trimmed all around the edges, but it just evened everything up. I think it actually made it curl a little more. The average person probably cannot tell, but Mama knows! :) Oh, and of course we saved the little pieces of hair -- I had too -- those were the hairs she had when she first came into this world!!

She did so good and Daddy and I were so proud! It was also fun because the lady that cut it, is the person that cut my hair when I lived in Beaumont and she still cuts my mom's hair. We love Louise!

I am currently in Beaumont and forgot my camera cord, so I cannot download my pictures, BUT I was able to get my video uploaded. (And, yes, she is playing with a roller! :) Anything to keep her happy!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bringing back Kickball!

When the world cup was going on, Bobby's office decided to do a little "Office Cup"of their own. So a couple of weeks ago, they split the office up and played a friendly game of soccer. This past Monday, they changed it up a bit and played Kickball! Bobby asked me if I wanted to play and I said of course -- I am always up for some competition! It was a lot of fun and our team WON!

I thought it would be fun to dress Brenley in a shirt for her Daddy, so here it is!

Daddy's #1 Fan!

She was worn out from watching the game and you can tell from her shirt, just how HOT it was! She downed her bottle and some water!

On another note, I think this pic is cute of Brenley. She definitely loves to put things in her mouth. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

7 Months

Really, I think this has been the fastest 7 months of my life! This little girl keeps up busy, entertained and on our toes at all times, but we would not have it any other way. I can honestly agree with each mom out there, that each month does get better and more fun! It is so crazy to me how much they grow and learn in the first year of life.

Here are some of Brenley Marie's milestones of month 7:

  • Baby food is in full swing and she has tried many things! Some that we introduced in the past month are squash, prunes, peaches, blueberries and apricots. We have also given her Gerber puffs (which she loves), refried beans, the occastional ice cream bite -- shhh dont tell the Dr! :)
  • She is ON THE MOVE! She has been semi-mobile for about a month now, but just in the last couple of weeks, she is really making improvement and can make it across the room before I know it. She takes about 4-6 real crawls and then will fall on her tummy and scoot. I can't say I am really ready for this, but I dont think I have a choice.
  • She is very interested in Polo and Polo's bone -- however, I am not sure Polo enjoys the attention!
  • She BOUNCED TO MUSIC! She has only done this once, but it was so cute and surprised us all when she did it. My mom was playing a musical toy for her and she just started bouncing - on beat. So cute and funny!
  • Had her 6 month check up -- She has gained 9 lbs and grown 5 1/2 inches since birth!
  • She can sit back up from the crawl position. This surprised Bobby and I one night, when she was on her tummy one minute and sitting back up the next!
  • She moved up to the crawler room in our nursery at church! She loves this room so much better than the infant room. :)
  • Watched fireworks on the fourth of July!
  • Still nursing 4 times a day and has cereal in the morning and a veggie and fruit at dinner time.
  • Sleeps 11-12 hours a night with 2 naps (1 hr each) during the day! However, 2 days last week she slept til 10am (13 hours), but I think she was exhausted from her fun with Nana-D!
She is really fun right now and I LOVE to hear that giggle! She plays so well and loves when her Daddy comes home! I think this month is going to be interesting as she is getting more mobile, but I love how each day is different!

This face cracked me up!!

Happy 7 months baby girl! We love you!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time to Play Catch Up

I have meaning to post for days now and I am finally making myself do it. :) The past few weeks have been busy and fun and we have lots of pictures to prove it!

A couple of weeks ago Brenley had her 6 month check up and all was great! Little girl had to get some shots, but was such a champ and only cried for a minute. She weighs 17lbs 10 oz and was 26 1/2 inches long. I can't believe how fast she is growing!

She really LOVES Dr. Towns - and so do I! (p.s. he was my pediatrian back in the day! :))

This kept her VERY entertained while we waited for Dr. Towns. It was quite hilarious!

It has also been very hot in the last few weeks so we broke out Brenley's little pool to cool off one afternoon. She loved it and I secretly wished I could have fit in there with her. :)

I just had to put Polo in there to see how they would act. Polo quickly jumped out. oh well!

My little fish!

The last week in June, my mom came in town to stay for a whole week. Then the following Friday, my dad drove in to meet up with her. We had a very fun, busy, and exhausting time while they were here! We shopped til we dropped, literally, ate way to much food and just enjoyed eachother's company. During the weekend that my dad was here, we went to Stonebriar mall in Frisco and G-Daddy was not going to leave until he let Brenley ride the Merry-go-round. It was fun!

Getting ready to get on!

I think she was more interested in the strap than the actual ride. Maybe next year!

That same weekend was also the 4th of July. We had a great time spending it with family. Sunday, after church, we headed over to my brother's house for some good food, then we headed to see fireworks! Since we were out in the Keller area, Rachel and her family met up with us. It was fun to see Presley and Brenley hang out together.

All ready for church in her Red, White and Blue!

My All American Girl!

Nephews watching the fireworks! (I love my Nanny's face in this pic!)

Brenley even watched them for a bit!

Rachel with Brenley and me with Presley

BFFs! Such beauties!

Then last, but not least, my best friend, since 6th grade (and college roomate), Kristy, had her baby boy, Gage Ryan Erwin, on June 27th. This was my third or fourth time to see him, but I finally remembered to take a picture this time. So glad that she is now a mommy and so glad that Gage and Brenley will grow up together! Congrats to the Erwins! Your little man is so handsome!

What a handful!

Brenley looks so big next to little Gage!

Love this girl and I cannot believe we are both Mommies!

Well I think that about catches me up, although Brenley turned 7 months today, so that means I need to get her 7 month milestones and her chair picture on here...hopefully tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, my good friend, Melissa is having her baby girl, Tatum tomorrow. So many friends for Brenley...I love it! That's all I got tonight!