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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catch up time!

I really wish I was motivated and disciplined to blog every week, but I am not, so I am now catching up for almost a month of not blogging. So what better way to catch up, than by doing so in a few pictures!!

While we were in Beaumont, and Brenley was better from the pneumonia, we went to dinner with my mom and some of her friends!

We got to keep Gage Erwin for a day and we had so much fun! Love that little guy!

IT SNOWED! Earlier this month we got quite a bit of snow and Daddy got to stay home for a few days -- so we had to go out and play! This year she liked the snow a little bit better than last year...
(Haha! She is 2 months old here and she was not liking the cold!)
Walking through the street

Daddy with his two girls!

I think she likes playing inside, in the warm, just a little better. :)

This girl loves to read!

Happy Valentine's day! She looks so big in this chair now!

I am watching this sweet girl, Jae, for 2 months. Lunch time!

Such a happy girl!
She is now 14 months old and here are a few things she has done -- or SAID in the last 2 months...
  • She says the following words -- "Dodo" = Polo, "Cookie", "Meh" = more, "Duckie", "ball", "uh oh" and of course "Mama" and "Dada"!
  • She shakes her head "no" when she does not want to do something or is done eating.
  • She shakes her bottom or whole body when you tell her to "shake her bottom" :) SO CUTE!
  • She can follow commands like, "take it to Dada", "close/open the door", "sit down", "come here"
  • She loves to climb in her rocker and ROCK!
  • She can point to her nose, mouth and eyes!! This is the big accomplishment of the week!

So proud of this cute, smart, growing girl! She makes me smile everyday and I would not have it any other way!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ICE Day at Home!

Brrrr, it is C.O.L.D.!!!!! Texans are just not cut out for these low toes cannot seem to get warm! But, one good thing about this weather is Bobby got to stay home from work today and we were so glad to have him home. Brenley and I did not have school either; however I was kinda looking forward to it, since we missed all last week. Oh well. We have enjoyed our day, but Brenley is trying to decide if she wants to be sick or not. It all started last night....

At 10:30 last night I realized we were down to 4 diapers and with the bad weather coming, I knew we would not want to get outside today, so I nervously told Bobby because he was sleeping on the couch (oops), but he was happy to go -- you know, anything for his little girl. So he went to the store and maybe a run by Whataburger (since it was 11pm by this time). Right before we were about to go to bed, I hear Brenley fussing/whining. I go in there and discovered something that I have been dreading as a mom since I had her...she threw up! My poor baby! So we quickly cleaned her up and stripped her bed down. Then everything settles and I am rocking her back to sleep, it happens AGAIN--all. over. me.! In fact I leaned her toward me because I would rather me, than the upholstered rocking chair! :) After that clean up she finally went to sleep (in the pack-n-play). She slept great and woke up happy and hungry! Yay!

However, today she took two 2 1/2 hour naps -- ya'll this is long for my baby. I am usually happy to get 1 - 1 1/2 hour each time. But she was happy and playful in between. When it was time for dinner she did not eat much and had a low tempurature. Soooo, I am not sure what is going on in that little body of hers. Hopefully with all the sleeping, she is fighting off something. If she wakes up with a fever, then we will call the Dr. I prayed hard for her tonight -- gotta get this girl well!!

Other than all that, we had a great, productive and relaxing, family day at home!

Our cute girls checking out the snow/ice/sleet -- whatever it was

This is pretty much what she did all day! :)