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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We are all grown up…

A couple of weekends ago, one of my old roommates from DBU, Rachel had a cook out at her house and invited our group of girlfriends from DBU over, plus husbands and kids. We try and get the girls together every 3 months or so, but this time it was fun to involve the families as well. Everyone was able to make it (except for the Reneaus – we missed ya’ll) and it was so much fun. The girls chatted and boys played with the kids! There were 7 kids there all under the age of 4, so needless to say there was never a dull moment. Kristy (my best friend since 6th grade and roommate all 4 years in college) and I are the only ones who do not have kids yet (well Melissa too-but she has one in the oven). So we sat back and watched as all of the mothers made their kids plates and helped them eat. We also commented how crazy and surreal it was to see all of our girlfriends from college chasing around little tots! I mean just 5 years ago we were all living on campus together talking about marrying our boyfriends and wondering what the real world was like. Boy-how times have changed!

It was also fun for the guys because the majority of them were friends in college just like the girls. We were all just boyfriend and girlfriend back then! Like I said, the boys played just as hard as the kids and even played some games of their own, like throwing toys over the fence and making poor Steve go and get them. (you just had to be there!)

Words cannot describe the memories I have with these girls. We have been through so many fun times and hard times, weddings and now babies. It is amazing how God brings people into your life and allows you to stay close with them, even through all the busyness of life. I love these girls (and guys) and look forward to many more memories with them!

Here are some pictures of the evening AND I was inspired to bust out some old school shots. Don’t hate me girls! Like Holly told me..."we are like fine wine, we get better with time!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Black Hole

Well, people, I don't know what I am going to do with her. Polo, our puppy, has done it again. She has managed to tear something else up in our house in the blink of an eye. Here is the newest blog-worthy incident...

So, I am on the computer in the office waiting for Bobby to get home from work and all of a sudden I hear a faint "thud". (Side note--Ususally, when I am on the computer I have to get up every 5 minutes or so and see what Polo is up to. I guess I had let that 5 mintues go a little longer than intended.) So, I hear the "thud" and immediately think, "what now?". I walk into the living room and Polo is no where to be found. I start to call her name and hear another "thud". I now know she is under the couch. I have found her under there a lot lately and she is ususally up to nothing good under there...meaning she has been working on tearing a small hole in the material underneath the couch (you know, the black material that covers up the springs and stuff). Soo--I look under the couch, ready to grab her and I don't see her!! I hear her, but I don't see her! I go and get a flashlight and discover that she has crawled through, what is now a "big" hole and is inside the couch! Not literally in the springs, but in the black material (which is now drooping down to the ground!). The thud I was hearing was her hitting her head on the wood panels underneath the springs! So I try to grab her and she scoots further into the couch. I am trying to use my "sweet" voice to soothe her out, but no luck! After almost 5 mintues of trying to pull her head, ear, paw, leg, neck, etc, I almost give up...AND I am almost in tears because I am starting to get nervous! Finally, I decide to bribe her out. I get a dog biscuit (which she knows as a "cookie") and lead her out by pulling the cookie closer and closer to the me. Once I had her out, she got in major trouble and NO she did not get the cookie!!

Bobby gets home and thinks the whole thing is kinda funny, which now I sort of agree, but it was not funny at the time. We lifted up the couch to survey the damage and discovered we were not able to just staple the material back together. She had EATEN the material. So we had to be ghetto and just cover the whole with some material (aka - an old T-shirt) for now. Here are some pics and a video to document the experience.

Proof that I don't make this stuff up...

IN the couch!

Don't let that sweet face fool you!

The damage

The ghetto solution

Hey, I had to be a little creative!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"I'm only good at being young..."

Friday, me and 4 of my girlfriends went to the John Mayer concert. I must admit, I have only been a John Mayer fan for about 3 months, but I have listened to almost nothing but him ever since. So when I heard he was going to be in Dallas, I recruited some friends and off we went. I am kicking myself for only getting lawn seats, but it was still an amazing concert...HOT, but amazing. We were all a little shocked when he came out on stage and saw he had a buzz cut. I guess Jennifer Aniston is cleaning him up a bit. :)

Here are a few pics of the concert. Remember we had lawn seats and my camera can only zoom so far!

Getting settled on the lawn - Me, Kristy and Reba


Kim, Megan, Kristy and Me


We spent most of the night looking at the big screen

Here is a little sample...