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Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Week of School!

This week we started our second year at Hillcrest Child Development Center! Well, last week we I had our Teacher in-service week and Brenley just had childcare, but this week started actual school. I am sad to say that she missed her first day (Tuesday) -- she had a nasty cough all weekend and half of this week and had a rough night the night before so Daddy stayed home with her that day. But she was ready to go this morning! I am so excited her class and her teachers and I know she is going to learn so much!

I now have the 3 year old class and love it! They are such cuties and so sweet and innocent! Oh and they can go to the bathroom all by themselves. :)

I do have to tell one funny story about Brenley though -- Thursday was her first official day and she had to sit in Time out!! Well they call it "Quiet time" but she had to sit out for a minute during playground time because she was hitting and pushing other kids!! Can you believe it? HA, it makes me chuckle, but at the same time I want them to discipline her so she will learn that it is not ok! Oh my, I hope we dont have a bully on our hands! :)

Well, here's to a great school year!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer 2011 - RECAP

WOW, I can't believe this summer is over! I can honestly say that this summer was one of the best of my life! I enjoyed spending everyday with my little girl and watching her smile and laugh and just have fun! We spent MOST of our days in the sun and water and I wouldn't have the summer any other way!

Here is a little recap of what we did this summer and few pictures too!

  • We took THREE trips to Beaumont to visit my parents

  • We celebrated my THIRTIETH birthday! I must say I am really enjoying being 30!

  • I did a bootcamp for 6 weeks and LOVED it! Wish it was still going on. :)

  • We went to Possum Kingdom lake with the Hubbarts and had a blast!

  • We went to Lousiana to celebrate Kristy and Ryan's birthday! Overnight fun with no kiddos! :)

  • We spent a lot of time with Aunt Serena - or should I say "Re Re" as Bren calls her. She hung with us on most Mondays and Fridays. It was nice to have the help and Bren loves her Aunt ReRe!!

  • We celebrated two big birthday bashes for my dad - one in Dallas, one in Beaumont

  • We hung out and played with my Nanny atleast once a week. Love seeing her and so does Bren!

  • We spent many afternoons playing in her little blow up pool at the house! Anything to stay cool in the heat!

  • We also stayed cool by playing at the fountains at Uptown Village!

  • We went to Hawaiian Falls weekly with our friends, Melissa, Tanna, Brooke and their kids. It was a fun group each week. Yay for season passes. (The pic below is actually when we went with Cara and Berkley)

  • We had playdates with friends!

  • We played and played and played!

  • We hung out a lot with our friend Jae Beth. I kept her some this summer and Bren enjoyed having a friend at the house!

  • We swam at Melissa's mom's house a couple of times with Tatum and Cade

  • We enjoyed popsicles! Again, anything to keep us from dying in the heat!

This summer was a blast! - And to be honest we enjoyed spending many days at home just playing, napping and doing the daily things of life - but I would not trade it for anything!!

(we are now back in our routine of me teaching Preschool and Bren going to Preschool. I love being back, but who doesn't look forward to another summer?!?) :)