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Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Happenings

Quite a bit has happened in the last couple of weeks! We have been busy! Well just a few days after my last post, Bobby was admitted to the hospital for a staph infections in his knee. This was quite a shocker to us, especially me, who did not believe him when he called to tell me he was on his way to the hospital. He started noticing a bite of some sort a few days before Mother's day. It kept getting worse (looking infected) so I adviced him to go to the doctor, but of course, being a man, he thought he was fine. Well luckily on Mother's day we ate with his mom and she adviced him to go the Dr as well and he listened to her...hmmm. :) So on Monday he went to the Dr. and he put him on an oral antibiotic. He took this for 2 days and went in for a follow up on Wednesday. The dr sent him straight over to the hospital because he stated that it looked worse and the medicine was not taking care of it. So long story short, he was in the hospital Wednesday - Friday morning. I was a crazy woman trying to wear the "wife hat" and the "mother hat". Brenley could not be at the hospital (which was 25 minutes away!), so I was finding people to keep her and nursing/pumping, and going home at night to stay with her. It was a whirlwind, but we made it through and it gave me a whole new appreciation for Bobby!!  Thanks to my Nanny and Bobby's parents for keeping her those 2 days!!

We were supposed to go down to Beaumont on that Thursday night, but with Bobby being in the hospital, that was not happening. Our plan was to be in Beaumont for my brother's graduation on that Saturday. So we played it by ear and luckily Bobby was released around 8:30 Friday morning. He felt good, so we packed and hit the road by 11am! We had a great time in Beaumont with all of my family, celebrating Kendal's graduation! The plan was to come back on Sunday, but when I found out my parents were going to be coming to Dallas the following weekend, I asked Bobby if he would mind if Brenley and I stayed the week with my parents. Being the sweet husband that he is, he said yes! So Brenley and I stayed the whole week in Beaumont relaxing and spending time with my parents and brother. It was wonderful! So then, Bren and I headed back to Dallas on Friday night with my parents and we were so ready to see Bobby and he was so ready to see "his girls"!

Saturday was then filled with many activities - Nephew's soccer game, youngest nephew's bday party, friend's son's bday party, then our friend's bday get together!! Whew! Sunday was church and then a baby shower. Needless to say we were pooped from our week and weekend, but it sure was fun!

Oh and then I have been dealing with an eye allergy/infection for a month now! It started out with my contact really bothering me, so I went to the Dr and discovered I had a bad infection from allergies in both eyes (one worse than the other). So I have been out of my contacts and taking drops for a little over a month now. I went back today for my 4th check up and it is still there but much better, so I can wear my contacts occasionally and still continue my drops. Not fun!

Hopefully our little family is on the mend and things will slow down for us a little bit in the next few weeks. Glad summer is here, but I hate the HOT! Here is to many days in the baby pool (which Brenley hates) :)!

Pics to come from Graduation and our week in Beaumont (that is a hint to my mom to upload and send soon!)

Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Resemblance? I think so...

This is Nanna-D (my mom) at 3 1/2 months...

And Brenley at 4 months...

My mom again...

And Bren...

I think they are both pretty darn CUTE!!

5 Months

This day really snuck on me...I almost forgot it was her 5 month birthday! I really cannot believe this is going by so fast, but everyone did warn me. Brenley is changing and learning new things everyday and some days I cannot believe she is mine! It seems like forever ago that we were in the hospital, but then again it feels like yesterday...wierd. Here are some of her accomplishments at age 5 months!

  • She is ROLLING OVER - both tummy to back and back to tummy. She accomplished the back to tummy first and then started the tummy to back in her sleep.
  • She is SWADDLE FREE! A few weeks ago we found her on her tummy in her swaddle. This scared me so we did away with the swaddle. I was so nervous, but she has done pretty good. That first week had some early morning wake ups, but she is back in her routine!
  • She is still sleeping a good 10-12 hours.
  • We had her 4 month appt and she weighed in at 15lbs 13oz and was almost 25inches long.
  • We started CEREAL! I started her out at 1 tablespoon, but last night she ate almost 3 tablespoons!
  • She is SITTING UP! I think this is kinda early to be doing this, but she is and has gone as long as almost 10 minutues without falling over. Even for her birthday pic I tried to sit her back against the chair and she kept sitting herself up and forward. We practice this new trick everyday!
  • She went on her first DADDY/DAUGHTER date! Mommy went out with some friends and Daddy and Brenley went to Chick-fil-A. The only instruction from Mommy was, NO sweet tea for Brenley!
  • She has been waiting 2-3 days in between poops, so this has caused some pretty BIG diapers...YUCK!
We are having so much fun with our little girl and I pray the next 5 months do not go by as fast as these have. :)

Happy 5 Months, Brenley!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

First Mother's Day

It was my first Mother's Day this year and it was so fun! I loved that I had a reason to celebrate Mother's Day for myself this year! Bobby, Brenley and I went out for Mexican food on Saturday night and Bobby surprised me with a "MOM" charm for my charm bracelet! Love it! Then Sunday they gave me a card (with a very sweet message) and a gift certificate to go and get a mani/pedi! After church, we met Bobby's family for lunch at Johnny Carinos (YUM) and then I went and got my mani/pedi while Bobby watched Brenley. It was so nice!! Then we just hung out and were lazy the rest of the day and it was just what I needed! It was so fun to be acknowledged by family, friends and a church family. (I got to stand up this year when they recognized all the moms...yay!)

My little family

Me and my girl

Such a sweet gift and creative too!

Relaxing with my favorite little girl!!

Just want to give a shout out to my mom for being so great and encouraging me, answering silly questions about Brenley, and just listening to all my stories! Mother's Day took on a whole new meaning this year and I truly can say thank you and Happy Mother's day to my mom this year!! You are the best!!!

Thanks Brenley and Bobby for being the best little family a Mommy could ask for! Love you both!!

Catch up time - through pictures

I have learned to sit up on my own - atleast for a short amount of time.

This is my new favorite toy -- thanks to Kara for letting us borrow is way fun!

I got to meet my Great Great Aunt Annettte from Austin!

With my Daddy - isn't he handsome

My Daddy was feeding me cereal

We went to Melissa's shower and here are some friends I hung out with - Presley and Isabelle

Just hanging on the couch

Here are the mommies - hurry Gage and Tatum, I am ready to meet you!

Just hanging with two of my favorite people!

My Polo sister - I am really noticing her these days and I think she is so funny!