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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Perot Museum

Going to the Perot Museum was the next thing on our list to do as a family of three and this past weekend we were able to go! I had heard great things about this museum, and they were all was so much fun! There were so many "hands on" things for Brenley to do and she loved it!


The Children's area was the biggest hit! Brenley and Daddy sitting around the "camp fire".

And she could have spent hours at this water table!

Brenley the truck driver :)

Sorting vegetables

Building blocks

Daddy had some fun too in the Sports area -- he raced a virtual "Felix Jones" -- and beat him! :)

Making the wall light up with her touch

The Dinosaur museum made Bren a little nervous -- those are some big bones!!

Looking at a piece of bone

Seeing how big her "wing span" is

Touching some ice in the weather area

Yep, I am a Weather Girl in my spare time

Showing me what a snake does (no worries -- she didnt lick it) :)

We created this image on the computer and then she had to spin the wheel to make it show up!

On our way out -- following the bird feet
After about 3 1/2 hours we ready to go and Brenley and Momma fell asleep on the way home AND then slept more when we got home. :) It was a great day and we made some fun memories with our girl!

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