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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Splash Day!!

Today was Splash Day at school! Brenley and her class had a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun with my class of 3-4 yr olds! Let's just say I was a main target for a lot of the water guns!! I was soaked, in my clothes, but I took one for the team. ;)

Only one workday and two more days of school and Summer is here! yippee!!!

Here are some pics of Brenley and her cutie-patootie friends!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Just a day at home...

Today was one of those days we just stated home...all day! And I loved it! Brenley slept til 9:00am and we played outside pretty much all morning. We had some lunch, went down for a nap while I worked and then we won't back outside until dinner time and Daddy got home!

It was a great day and I would not trade days like this with my girl for anything!!

Mother's Day 2012

I am so blessed and honor to be a Mommy! There are some days that are challenging, but most days are filled with joy and excitement as I see my girl learn and say new things (and hear the things she comes up with!). :)

This years Mother's Day was so fun because we were able to spend it with both sides of our family. I have a great Mom and Mother-in-law so it was fun to see them!

My Mother's Day really started on Saturday when Bobby's parents offered to take Brenley to go see Bobby's Nana in Canton. So they picked her up at 3pm and we were kid-free from 3-10:15pm! It was nice to have some long interruped time together! We ate at El Fenix and then went to Pottery Barn, Northpark, McDonalds for ice cream and Target. :) It was fun!

Sunday I woke up to a card and candy from Bobby and a card from Brenley and Polo, complete with Bren's handprint and Polo's paw print. :) 

 Me and my girl on Sunday morning!

Sunday afternoon we had Bobby's family over for lunch and some relaxing time on the patio!

And of course, Brenley had fun playing!

Then we headed over to my parent's house! Here are the 4 Generations!

And all of the cousins!

And the big kids!

We had fun at my parents eating hamburgers and playing freeze tag! :) It was a fun Mother's day weekend and we were all ready to hit the bed last night. So thankful for my family!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Girls Getaway Weekend

When I was about 18 months old my family moved to Oklahoma City for my dad to serve at a church. My parents met some great friends in that church, including some that they still friends with almost 30 years later! Two of those friends are the Thompsons and the Coxs. Debbie and her daughter, Shara and Kelly and her daughter Kristen. My mom, Debbie and Kelly were in the same stage of life we are now when they met - young thirty-something yr old moms with young kids.

We lived in OK for about 9 years. Shara, Kristen, and I were best friends during those years going to MDO and elementary school together! When I moved away Shara and I were "pen buddy" for a while and we all have kept in touch more recently through Facebook! And our moms have too!

So when Shara came up with the idea to have a girls weekend and include the moms we were all so excited!!! Kelly and Kristen still live in OK, Shara lives in Houston and her mom lives in AZ. It was decided to have the weekend in Dallas and the new Omni downtown was the hotel that seemed fun! And of course we knew the Spa had to be included!!!

We started out the weekend with my Mom and I picking up Shara and her mom from the airport and we headed to the hotel and went to get a bite to eat. Kristen and her mom drove in from OK and met us at the hotel. After some much needed catch up talk, we got ready and headed to dinner at Luna de Noche. After dinner we headed to the movies to see The Lucky One! So good!

Saturday we slept in, ate a buffet breakfast (mmmm) and then headed to the pool! Then it was Spa time!!!All I can say is "AMAZING!" :)

That night we got dressed up and herby to dinner at Del Friscos. So nice! When we got back to the hotel we had more chats and then watched some OLD videos of us girls when we were in kindergarten and the first grade talent show! We had LOTS of laughs!!

The amazing pool!!

Shara and I out at the pool!

All the moms and daughters

We did a belated Birthday surprise at dinner for my mom!

Sunday it was time to say goodbye! We had such a great time!! It was hard to go back to reality but I did miss Bobby and my girl! Speaking of, Bobby was a great daddy and took great care Brenley and the house while I was gone! The bed was even made when I got home!! ;)

(Had to throw this one in there of Kristen and I when we were 5) :)

It was a great weekend and we are already counting down the days til the next one!