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Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 Months

Well my baby is turning 11 months on 11/11! Fun, huh? 11 months, wow, well I don't want to think about what next month means, so let's just enjoy this 11 months while we can!! :) This girl is changing, growing, and learning so much everyday and it truly amazes me! Here is what my girl is doing these days...

  • She has taken 3 STEPS!! That is a record for now, but I am sure that will grow in the next month or so.
  • She is officially WEANED from nursing and it taking formula bottles 4 times a day. I have TRIED the sippy cup but she just bats it away -- strong willed? I think so!
  • She is eating lots of things these days including, Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets and she got her first taste of chocolate icing and sugar cookie at school!!! She LOVED IT!
  • She is starting to make some cute little faces these days and her personality is really starting to SHINE! That includes her little TEMPER as well...yes, I know this cute little girl, can sure get mad and arch that it supposed to start this early? The strange thing is...she only does it for me...payback? probably.
  • She went Country/western DANCING when she stayed with my parents...she loved it and so did they!! This girl has music in her soul!
  • She POINTS her finger at different things!
  • She is still on the same sleep schedule and is doing good with her naps, especially on school days!! :)


(Can we make this month last as long as possible!!?)

Bienvenido a Miami!

Bobby and I just returned from a trip to Florida!! We were in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area and we had a great time! Brenley and Polo stayed with my parents in Beaumont and I am not sure they wanted to come home -- they had such a great time!

Here is a recap of our trip...

Tuesday night we drove down to Beaumont to drop off our babies and we spent the night, but headed out bright and early to Houston to fly out to Florida. That afternoon/evening we spent driving down the coast down to Miami. It was so pretty! Thursday we had to go to a convention center to attend a college fair. (This was the real reason for the trip -- Bobby had to go and work at this college fair). So we spent all of Thursday and Thursday evening at the fair. Friday, we drove down to Corral Gables (near Miami) to drive around the University of Miami campus. Bobby loves UM (their football team) and wanted to see the campus. That afternoon we drove down to Key Byscane, which is a really pretty little island thing -- the ocean was beautiful!! Saturday we went to the University of Miami football game. As I mentioned before, Bobby loves their football team (the Hurricanes) and has always wanted to attend a game, so this was the perfect time! It was our first time to attend a college football game and it was sooo fun! That night we went out for a really nice dinner at this Irish eatery -- it was yummy! AND I got Bobby to try shrimp and crab meat...he does not like seafood, or so he says, but actually thought it was "ok". :) Sunday we flew to Houston, drove to Beaumont, saw our girls (which was the best part), ate a yummy steak dinner at my parent's and stayed the night so we could drive home bright and early Monday morning!

Somewhere on the coast!

Bobby and the beach!
Driving into Miami -- the palm trees really are everywhere!!

University of Miami

me and my love

It was so beautiful out there!

Ready for the game -- except for appropriate shoes...sunny Florida, turned into chilly Florida!

The Hurricanes WON! Yay!

We missed Brenley and Polo, but it was nice to just spend some one on one time might be a while before another trip alone! ;)

Halloween 2010

I know it has been almost 2 weeks since Halloween, but I have been busy. :) Halloween was really fun this year with a little girl to dress up and tote around! We took our little hula girl to our church's fall festival. I think she was teething or something that night, so she was a little solemn, but still a cutie!!

P.S. Daddy requested she wear a onesie under her coconuts for church! :)