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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This and That

It has been a couple of weeks, and to be honest, I have just not been motivated to update my blog. I guess maybe because not many Soto stories "blog-worthy" enough to write about. Life in the Soto house has been pretty uneventful, other than the fact that I think Polo is digressing in the potty training department. We were doing so good for a few weeks and just this weekend I think she has had about 4-5 accidents in the house! Not fun! She is also showing more "puppyish" behavior -- we can't keep her eyes off of her. She makes me tired. :) Other than that, here are a few things we have done in the last couple of weeks...

1. My nanny and I went to Bonham, TX to see my cousin get married. The church was beautiful, the reception was beautiful, she was beautiful.

2. My "little" brother turned 21 - is that possible?

3. My best friend, since 6th grade, Kristy, turned 27, which means I am 27, is THAT possible? She celebrated her b-day, along with her hubby's b-day, with everyone at Pappas BBQ and then some of us went to Speed Zone. We played putt-putt! I felt like a kid! It was great!

4. I played Bunco two nights in a row, with two different groups of friends. I did bad the first night, did great the second -- Most Buncos, yay!

5. We went over to my Nanny's and all my nephews were there. I got hit in the nose by a runaway frisbee. There was blood, but I survived.

6. Bobby and I kept his 10 year old sister (yes, they are 17 years apart), over the weekend while his parents were in Colorado. We had fun!

7. We bought a new media stand for our TV and bought a new kitchen table, which Bobby is putting together as I type. He is a great husband!

8. Tomorrow is a new work week - the last week in July. Where did the month go? I dont know, but I do know I go to the John Mayer concert next Friday - yay!

Well that about sums it up. Sorry no pics on this post! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Girl is Growing up!

Our beloved dog-daughter (Polo) is now 4 months old! She has grown to 9lbs now (she was 6 when we got her) and is definitely longer! :) I would say she is pretty much potty trained – we haven’t had an accident in weeks (atleast not on the carpet). She has had a couple by the door (on tile), but I think that is either because she waited to long to go to the door or mom and dad don’t pay attention to know she is standing at the door—oops! :) She is so fun to have in the house and definitely keeps us on our toes! And she has Bobby wrapped around her little "paw"!
Some of her favorite things to do are...lick/bite our toes, run off with clean laundry, eat her rawhide sticks, get her belly rubbed, go on walks, run out the door when it opens, play ball, give kisses, and bark!

Here are a few recent pics Polo Michelle (yes she shares my middle name)!

He loves his girl!

She instantly jumps up here the minute I open the dishwasher door :)

Gotta love that face!

Lovin' the sun!

God Bless America!

Bobby and I had a great July 4th weekend…it was full of many hamburgers and hot dogs, friends, family and outdoors!! We started off on Friday with my parents coming over to the house…mom-to hang with me, dad—to do yard work with Bobby (he wanted to!). Later that night we hung out with the Williams and the Grimes. We ate hot dogs and hamburgers and then watched the fireworks over Joe Pool lake.

Melissa, Ashley and Me
Saturday my dad came back over to finish some yard projects with Bobby—(they are too funny) and I cleaned house for our guests that night. The whole family came over—parents, younger brother (Kendal), Nanny, older brother (Chris) and wife (Kara) and all FOUR of the nephews. It was a full house, but so much fun! Bobby grilled some great hamburgers and hot dogs and we enjoyed Chris’ new toy – the Wii!! (Corbin's classic phrase to me when he left that night was "Kim, thanks for playing my Wii!"--so cute) Later that night we went to the Uptown Village of Cedar Hill (outdoor mall) and the boys played in the fountains. They were hesitant at first, but ended up having a great time! So did Polo!!

Brothers playing Wii

My Nanny and Cohen--aren't they cute?!

Even Polo loved the fountains!

The "adult" guys set this up and thought it was hilarious - get it?

Having fun!

The big kids - Me, Bobby and Polo, Chris and Kara, and Kendal

Sunday was church, lunch at Panera with the hubby and a long nap to top off the afternoon! I must say it was a fun and much-needed 3 day weekend!! When is the next one!?!?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We are back from Bahh-ston!

We got back on Sunday from our trip to New England and we had a great time! It is so beautiful up north and the weather was a nice change from what we are having in Texas. Here is the low down on our trip...

Wednesday-we flew out very early and arrived in Boston around 10:45am. We decided to stay in Newton, which is right outside of Boston. We checked in and then headed into the city. We walked the "Freedom Trail" which is literally a trail (red line on the side walks) that takes you by all of the historic statues, churches and buildings. Everything is so old (I am talking 300-400 years old) and interesting. Our friends, Tyler and Lauren, suggested a great little pizza place, Pizzeria Regina and it was so yummy! We then entertained ourselves by watching these 6 guys break dance on the street! They were actually pretty good!

Thursday-this day was our history lesson day--yes, we were nerds! We took a tour bus into Lexington and Concord and learned all about the Battles between us and the British. We actually walked the grounds where the Battle of Lexington happened. The bus dropped us back in Boston around lunch time and then we took a Ship tour around the Boston Harbor. I liked this just cause we were on the water. Then we took a trolley around the city for a bit before getting off and going to dinner. We at a little Italian restaurant called Fig's (another great recommendation from Tyler and Lauren). The weather was so nice so we enjoyed a walk around the park and then found ourselves caught up (literally) in a group of 12,000 people about to start a 5K race!! Funny!

Friday-THIS WAS OUR FAVORITE DAY! On this day we rented a car and drove up the coast into Maine!! This has always been something Bobby has wanted to do, and this was one of the reasons we took this trip in the first place. We started our roadtrip at 8:45am and traveled up through New Hampshire and into Maine, stopping at some of the beautiful beaches along the way. We also hit up some great outlet malls in a little town called Kittery. Our last stop, before heading back, was Portland, Maine, which has the Portland Head lighthouse -- SO PRETTY! Just like the pictures you see, but better. I will have to elaborate more on this day and the places we saw at a later time.

Saturday-this was a lazy day for us, which we needed. We did go and see the campus of MIT (Mass. Institute of Technology) and Harvard (if you know Bobby, this doesnt surprise you). Harvard was beautiful. We took a long nap on this day, had a late dinner and called it a night! We needed our sleep for our 7:30 flight the next morning!

We headed home on Sunday and were so ready to be back and see Polo...who knew we would miss her so much! Well that was our trip and here are some pics to enjoy! I highly recommend a trip to Boston and especially a drive up the coast!

(put your cursor over each pic to see a description)