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Friday, August 5, 2011

Girlfriends - from birth!

Before I ever got pregnant, I prayed that I would have a friend to be pregnant with so we could talk and bounce questions off of eachother. Well God heard my prayer and instead of just one friend, he blessed me with THREE friends who were all pregnant at the same time as me -- literally all due with in a month of eachother and all having GIRLS!! Fun, right?!?

So pregnancy was fun because we were always asking questions or comparing stories via text or facebook and of course that didn't stop once the babies got here either. There was always someone who was going through the same thing or had already been through it. Basically we were all sleep deprived, zombies all trying to figure out this "mommy" thing. :) All four of us went to DBU, but not all of us were close at the time, but pregnancies and birth will sure bring girls together! :)

So, the end of 2009 was busy and fun with some exciting deliveries of all these girls!!

Cara had Berkley on November 21st, I had Brenley 3 weeks later on December 11th, Janae had Jae 2 weeks later on December 25th and Rachel had Presley 2 weeks later on December 30th! Whew!!! Yep that is a new baby every 2-3 weeks. :)

It is hard to get all of our schedules to coordinate especially since we are all spread out in the metroplex, but when we can we love to get the girls (and mommies) together for a playdate! Here are some pictures from the last year and a half of playdates, the most recent being today!

Jae-3 weeks, Brenley-5 weeks, Berkley-8 weeks (Presley was only 1 week old so she did not come) :)

But here is when Berkley and Brenley went to go and meet Presley at the hospital!!

Berkley, Brenley, Jae and Presley -- They are about 3 months old here

Here we are at Berkleys 1st birthday!

And then at Presley's birthday!

And Jae's birthday!!

Playdate (minue Jae) -- about 13 months

Today! Jae, Bren, Pres and Berk

19-20 month olds!!

They are getting so big, fun, cute and sassy! AND they are all over the place now. Girls, thanks for being so fun and helpful during our pregnancies and during the last almost 2 years! Can you believe it, our 'Baby" girls are almost TWO!!

So thankful for the friends (and their babies) that God has blessed me with. Love them all!