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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Peak into our Summer - June Recap

Wow, it is almost of the end of June and I can't figure out where the time is going! Our summer has been fun so far and I know we have many more days to fill with more fun! Here is a little peak into what we have been doing the last couple of weeks -- once swim lessons were over.

 We enjoyed our first trip to Hawaiian Falls with our group of friends. This will be a weekly event and the kids (and mommas) have so much fun!

Me, Bobby and my parents enjoyed a Friday night at the Ranger's game!

Father's Day!

My mom, SIL Kara and I hosted a wedding shower for our future SIL, Rebekah!

We have swam a couple of times at Melissa's mom's house and the kids love having a little picnic!

I celebrated my 31st birthday on June 20th and it started with these flowers and a card from my hubby!

And I got to spend the day with my girl and my mom at Northpark!

Then I got to have a little celebration with some of my closest friends! Love these girls!

June has been a fun month and I am looking forward to what July will bring! (Just wish the triple digit temps would chill out -- get it, chill out? ha!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Slumber Party at Nanny's!

Last Tuesday night Brenley and I had a little slumber party at my Nanny's (grandmother's) house. She maybe 90 years old, but she is still so fun and energetic! She loves her great-grandaughter and Brenley LOVES her Nanny!

We went over there around dinner time on Tuesday and spent the night and then the next morning she went with us to Brenley's swim lessons.

One of Brenley's favorite things to do at Nanny's house is sweep her porch! Nanny has her trained so well. :)

Picture of Nanny - courtesy of Brenley
Bath time - This is the same bath tub that my mom and myself (and my siblings) took baths in when we were little. And we played with those same cups. Memories!

Only your Nanny would let you jump off your bed - over and over!

Late night snack before bed!

A little morning play outside, in her Pjs, with her baby

We had fun and hope to do it again soon!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Swim Lessons!!

Today Brenley started her swim lessons with Ms. Margaret. Momma was way more nervous then she was, but she soon figured out she was gonna be nervous too! Ms Margaret is a "no-nonsense" type teacher who has rules and wants you to stick to them! Brenley was going under the water within the first 5 minutes of getting in the water. She was great at first, anxious to get in, but when she saw what she was going to be doing, the tears started. However, the crying didn't stop the instructors from dipping the kids under and having them reach and kick! It was hard to watch, but I know she will learn a lot when this is over.

I have a feeling day 2 will be worse than day 1 cause she is already saying she does not want to go back, but we must persevere! :)

This is before we got to the pool -- happy and clueless! :)

Sitting still by the edge of the pool, waiting for her turn. (Ms. Margaret's rule -- sit on your bottom, feet in water and hands in lap!)


Here is a little clip of her swimming with Ms. Margaret.  Go Brenley!